If you need to have your non-technical end users perform field upgrades of your product's PIC firmware, you need a solution that is:

  • Simple for them to set up and use
  • Doesn't present them with confusing jargon or complicated options
  • Automates the process, to keep them out of trouble

All SUMS bootloaders have two modes: Developer Mode, for your use at the company, and End User Mode, to make it simple and foolproof for your non-technical customers to upgrade your product in the field.

End User Mode is simple for you to set up by editing an INI file in a text editor.  When your end user runs the PC program you send him, he is presented with a very simple, automated user interface.



End User mode presents a very simple menu - no confusion!

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Our customers find it best to get SUMS right away, during their product development process, rather than waiting until they have finished developing their device and their code.  That way, they can design their product, from the ground up, to take the fullest advantage of the power of Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM .


Our simple End User Mode keeps customers from being confused and unhappy.  It reduces your support costs, too.   Order a SUMS Starter Kit now, and hear your  happy customers sing your praises!



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