Take a look at some real products that our customers have made with our HIDmaker and TCPmaker tools. We are so proud of these folks, and we think YOU'LL be proud of them, too!


Some USB Products Made With HIDmaker FS



Some Embedded Ethernet Products Made With TCPmaker



When we created HIDmaker, and later TCPmaker and now USB Bootloader Pro, we wanted to make our customers more powerful. USB and web technologies have gotten so complicated these days. Projects that use these technologies have so many factors, and so many settings that all have to be right, and that all have to be consistent with each other, that they were being unreasonably difficult for many people to work with.

We decided to DO something about it. We figured that there just HAD to be a better way to do this stuff, and we were determined to FIND that better way.

We're happy to tell you that we DID find a better way of doing things, and that we automated those ways in our tools. Since we first introduced our original HIDmaker product in 2003, we have helped engineers all over the world to make powerful USB devices that work great, without spending a long time doing it.

Those lessons we've learned in helping USB developers, we've taken to the next level in our TCPmaker product. So now we're helping developers all over the world to easily control their hardware over the Internet as well.

We're so proud of the successes that our customers have achieved. These good folks have really gotten to be indispensible people at their companies, and heroes within their industries.

In this Showcase part of our web site, you can see some of our customers' accomplishments, and read about the real products that they have made by using our tools.

We'll be adding more examples in the coming months. Who knows? Maybe someday you'll want to show off your own products in our Showcase section. We'd love to be able to tell other folks about your successes with our tools as well!