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We provide dozens of sample projects, for both low speed and full speed devices. All sample projects are provided with full source code in every one of the programming languages we support on both the peripheral and PC side. Every one of these programs has been tested by us and is guaranteed to work.

Many of these sample programs are generic, in the sense that they will work on any working PIC-based USB PC board.

Some of these have been modified so as to perform real I/O on one of several commercial USB demo boards, such as Microchip's PicDem FS USB or microEngineering Labs' LAB-XUSB.

Types of sample projects we provide include:

  • demos of the transmission of large arrays,
  • buffered bytes,
  • a mixture of odd sized data items,
  • Feature Reports,
  • USB Composite devices,
  • Control Transfers, and
  • detailed examples of USB keyboard, mouse, and composite keyboard/mouse devices.

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