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The HIDmaker FS product contains 4 main programs:

  1. HIDmaker FS writes your USB code, for both peripheral and PC, at the same time. The source code for these programs is ready to compile and run and talk to each other over USB. The current version supports full speed, flash programmable USB processors from Microchip.
  2. Low Speed HIDmaker is the original version of HIDmaker that supports the low speed PIC16C765 family devices from Microchip. It has the same user interface as HIDmaker FS, can use the same project files, and generates code for the same PC side programming languages.  
  3. AnyHID is a test program that can talk to any functioning USB HID device, even if you didn't design it yourself.  
  4. USBwatch is a device-based USB analyzer program that can show you the actual USB data going into or out of your HIDmaker device.

There are dozens of sample projects included, for both full speed and low speed USB HID devices. Some of these have been customized to perform real I/O on several specific commercial USB demo boards.

Documentation includes two printed manuals totalling over 300 pages, online help for all programs (including the generated PC programs), and an extensive on-disk web site with late breaking information and a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

Perhaps most importantly, we also promptly provide *real technical support*, by telephone or email, to our registered customers


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