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The USBwatch program, also described in detail in another tutorial, is a sort of USB analyzer that is located in your device. It shows the actual USB data going into and out of your device, even during the enumeration process, even if your device is not working right.

USBwatch uses special snippets in HIDmaker's USB library routines (which are only compiled when USBwatch is activated) that send compressed messages out of the RS-232 port of the USB device. These messages are interpreted and displayed on the USBwatch program on the PC.

Most of our customers never even need to use USBwatch, because HIDmaker's generated code just works, every time. However, if you try to do something risky like modifying a descriptor by hand, and your device stops working because of it, USBwatch can get you out of trouble. It will tell you what happened, and give you valuable clues about how to fix it. It's your first line of defense against USB problems.


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