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Within each Division (Interface) in Hidville (our USB peripheral device), there can be multiple loading docks (Endpoints), where OUT-bound data from PC City (the PC) arrives at the Division (Interface), and where our company must place the IN-bound data that will go from the Division (Interface) to PC City (the PC).

These loading docks (Endpoints) come in pairs that are numbered and directional: e.g. there is a Loading Dock 1 IN (Endpoint 1 IN) that is only used to send freight (data) that is headed IN toward PC City (thePC), and next to it, there is a Loading Dock 1 OUT (Endpoint 1 OUT) that is only used to receive freight (data) that comes OUT from PC City (the PC).

Each Division (Interface) must have its own loading docks (Endpoints) -- they cannot be shared.


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