USB : Overview    USB Is Like A Railroad  

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1   USB is Like a Railroad
2   The USB Railroad
3   PC City
4   Branch Offices of Our Business
5   Getting A Ticket to Ride
6   How We Pay For Our Ticket
7   How We Pay For Our Ticket
8   Whom We Have to Please
9   The HIDmaker FS Shipping Company
10   We'll Even Do The Packing
11   What Can We Ask For In Those Specs?
12   Company Divisions (Interfaces)
13   Multiple Company Divisions (USB Interfaces)
14   Business Plan Phases (Configurations)
15   First Phase (Configuration 1)
16   Second Phase (Configuration 2)
17   The Warehouse in PC City
18   Within the Divisions
19   Freight Classes
20   HID Class
21   Trainloads (Reports)
22   What We Have To Specify
23   What's In Those Specs
24   Identifying the Company (Device Descriptor)
25   Business Phases (Configurations)
26   Company Structure (Interfaces)
27   Repeat for All Phases (Configurations)
28   Describe the Freight (Data)
29   Footnotes (String Descriptors)
30   You'd Better Get It Right...
31   Back to the Real World of USB
32   If You Pass
33   USB is a Master / Slave Technology
34   Microcontroller Host Processors USB On the Go
35   USB On the Go